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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Feline Toy

I was just going thru my daily blog reading and found that KiddiesCorner Deals is sponsoring a great giveaway.
You can enter to win a FrolicCat Bolt Interactive Laser toy for your pets. I know Smokey and Adjanta would love this. Adjanta is bored very easily. She is trying to get the Vacuum to play with her. LOL This would be a perfect toy for her. Here she has Smokey pinned to the floor. I think he would appreciate me purchasing this toy as well. Maybe Adjanta would then pounce on the laser light and not him.

I like the idea of the FroliCat Bolt Interactive Laser Toy because you can turn it on and place it on the floor or table, and walk away. This would be great for times when you are trying to keep kittys from getting under foot as you get things done around the house.

I entered the giveaway, you should too! KiddiesCorner Deals is sponsoring the giveaway and it ends on March 5th.


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