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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome to Joyful Canine

My daughter Liz and I decided it was time to start a Joyful Canine Blog. Joyful Canine is a subdivision of Joyful Girl Natural Products. Joyful Canine offers Natural and Organic products not only for your dog but for your cats too! We make herbal remedies that include flea and tick repellent, ear mite relief, teething relief and many more natural products for your pets.
My daughter Elizabeth heads Joyful Canine. Elizabeth has a college degree in the business world, but has dedicated her living to the health and natural healing of animals. We are here to offer information on organic skin care for your animals as well as on herbal remedies.
I hope is to be able to encourage pet owners to look at the products they are using on their pets and to look up the ingredients and the health concerns they may create in your pet. Making the choice to use natural and organic products on your pets will contribute to a healthier and happier pet.
Please visit Joyful Canine at for product information. Elizabeth is always willing to answer your questions or guide you in making appropriate choices when purchasing from our store.
The pictures posted here are of  Elizabeth's dog Chuck.